This project was presented simultaneously in October 2015 in a solo exhibition at Pump Project (Austin) and as part of a group exhibition at Little Berlin Gallery (Philadelphia). The 124-page publication was released in an edition of 300 by Human Sciences Press and Punctum Books. 
Words is a series of around 300 drawings that explores language in visual terms. Drawn and painted with Sumi ink on Tan Rives BFK paper, the collection is united stylistically, although techniques and subject matter vary widely. Some of the pieces offer a magnified view of a word, typically with something is askew, often to the point of blunt and thrilling stupidity. In other work, butchered colloquialisms are rendered in a heart-felt manner, immune to their idiocy and oblivious to their own revelation. Other pieces simply offer a chance to observe a newly conceived specimen of language burdened by its own dramatic scramble for definition. The collection as a whole embraces ambivalent and multiplicitous meanings and seeks to expose, mythologize, or reanimate words.
All work 11x14 inches, Sumi ink on Rives BFK Tan Paper, 2015
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